When the Clouds Darken

Dramatic Sky With Stormy Clouds Before RainMoving your critical technology services such as email, file sharing and storage, and even basic document editing is the best investment you can make to improve up-time, accessibility, security, and disaster recovery for your business’s technology ecosystem.

However, there is no such thing as 100% up-time. Over the past few years, Microsoft Office 365, Google Apps, Gmail, Salesforce, Box, and Dropbox have all reported various outages. Even the most critical online services are not immune. For example, the high-profile outages of Nasdaq and Bloomberg.

Many think of business continuity and disaster recovery as plans for true disasters such as a black-out, server crash, or weather emergency. We believe that all businesses, big and small, should have a business continuity plan that includes what to do when important technology services are unavailable. For example, let’s say you use Dropbox for your business. What will you do when Dropbox has an outage? What about Office 365? or Salesforce?

For some organizations, the answer may be simple and straightforward. Others may want to prepare a contingency plan for using other email services, accessing cloud backups, or even using secondary systems.

Creating a realistic, well thought-out business continuity plan will help you decide what’s critical for your business, and what actions to take when the inevitable outages do arise.