Blockchain: change is coming

Few people outside of the tech industry have heard of blockchain, which is the technology behind Bitcoin. Many technology experts believe that over the next decade, blockchain will revolutionize how we do business. Today, almost all business transactions, whether paying a vendor, buying an item on eBay, or trading stocks, take place through an intermediary […]

The Weakest Link in your Company’s Security Plan? It’s You

Best practices for cybersecurity at small-medium sized businesses (SMB) usually focus on network security, operating system patches, password management, and monitoring. While these practices are important components of every security plan, the lowest-hanging fruit for potential attackers has shifted over the last few years. As more businesses have moved their email servers and other sensitive applications […]

When the Clouds Darken

Moving your critical technology services such as email, file sharing and storage, and even basic document editing is the best investment you can make to improve up-time, accessibility, security, and disaster recovery for your business’s technology ecosystem. However, there is no such thing as 100% up-time. Over the past few years, Microsoft Office 365, Google […]

Even Presidents Need Tech Support

Everyone of a certain age, or with an aging parent, knows that adapting to new technology doesn’t always come easy to our country’s seniors.  But what about to our presidential candidates? Let’s take a quick look at our front-runners, and see how they would fare juggling the demands of running the country while keeping up with […]

Wired to Believe

Although the Internet as we know it is now approximately 25 years old, with an entire generation born into a plugged-in world, internet fraud continues to grow. Whether it’s mind-numbingly stupid rumors (no, Mark Zuckerberg is not giving away $4.5M to 1,000 users), mildly convincing pleas for help from abroad, (But wait, isn’t Aunt Bess dead?), […]

The Custom Software Conundrum

I recently met  a potential client that desperately needs a new CRM (customer relationship management) and calendaring system. They have been using a custom-built system (Filemaker based) hosted on their own server, as well as an integrated calendaring system, also hosted on their own server. While these systems had been working for years, they have […]