Securing Facebook

A number of websites and online applications allow you to log into them using your Facebook credentials. Facebook encourages this and gives these sites access to certain information about you and your friends. Users like this feature because it limits the number of different passwords we need to remember. Forgetting about the lack of privacy […]

Phone + Tablet = Gigantic Awkward Telephone.

I did a very brief survey enlisting my friends for help on whether or not they would be interested in a “Phablet”.  While I thought it would look ridiculous to hold something the size of an iPad mini to your ear, the amount of people interested in such a product was higher than expected.  Surprisingly, […]

Apple Quality Control: Lacking? Or am I cursed..

I’ve been an Apple fan for a while.  I love their sleek design (which happens to need a refresh) and I love how user friendly they are.  I remember my first iPhone in 2008.  I plugged it in, opened iTunes, followed about 2 prompts, and done.  Working iPhone.  However, over the past year I’ve seen […]