2-Step Verification

Our lives are online, and like your home, you should have more than one lock protecting you from everyone else that’s out there.  If I were hacked, I’d be in trouble as would almost all of us.  Taking extra precaution is totally worth it.  Here’s a tip to get you started: If 2-Step Verification is […]

Protecting your iPad (or whichever iProduct you may own)

Shortly after we sent out our Newsletter, we received an email from a client asking a simple and straightforward question: “What do you recommend for iPad security?  Any message that can be placed on the start screen?  I’m especially worried about losing it.” While this seems straightforward enough, plenty of people aren’t taking the right measures to […]

Computer Ransom Panic

You may have seen the recent headlines. “Computer Ransom: Your Personal Files Hijacked and Held Hostage” on news outlets. You’d think that this is a new type of scam. Actually, ransomware, a name for a malicious program that either cripples your computer or encrypts your files, and then demands payment, has been around for over […]

Securing Facebook

A number of websites and online applications allow you to log into them using your Facebook credentials. Facebook encourages this and gives these sites access to certain information about you and your friends. Users like this feature because it limits the number of different passwords we need to remember. Forgetting about the lack of privacy […]

Phone + Tablet = Gigantic Awkward Telephone.

I did a very brief survey enlisting my friends for help on whether or not they would be interested in a “Phablet”.  While I thought it would look ridiculous to hold something the size of an iPad mini to your ear, the amount of people interested in such a product was higher than expected.  Surprisingly, […]