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The GDPR: Is your company affected?

In May 2018, the EU’s GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) will go into full force. GDPR is a set of regulations protecting EU consumer data and covers businesses both inside AND outside the EU.  In other words, if your U.S. company sells goods or services to people in the EU, you must protect their personally identifiable […]

The Equifax Disaster – A Quick Guide

Now that some dust has settled, and some confusing misinformation has shaken out, here’s our succinct guide to the credit agency’s data breach.  We’ll keep you posted if anything changes. Good luck, and stay safe! What happened?   Between May and July, Equifax’s systems were breached, and the personal information of approximately 143M customers, including […]

Secure e-mail isn’t really e-mail. Is it really secure?

Most e-mails are not encrypted.  What this means is that if someone intercepted your email message, they would be able to read it.  This is, of course, a big concern to those sharing sensitive information. One solution is to avoid e-mailing any sensitive information. Many online apps (such as Box and Cisco’s Sharefile) offer secure […]

Can you see me now?

Video calls have become a staple of business communication. Most business communications packages, including those by Google and Microsoft, already include some form of video capability. At Cartwheel, we use video to communicate with each other when working remotely, conducting interviews with candidates, and in some client meetings. Since we use a number of different […]

Are you a founder?

On a recent flight from the west coast, I watched a biography, The Founder, about Ray Kroc, the founder of McDonald’s. Kroc was a middle-aged, struggling blender salesman with a history of entrepreneurial failures. He came across the McDonald brothers after they order some blenders. The McDonalds were running a small, popular hamburger stand in […]

What’s in your stack?

You may have heard various computer people throw around the s-word. A stack, in IT terminology, usually refers to a solution stack. Any software application, whether it’s your website, email client, favorite iPhone app, or your online CRM, is developed and run on top of a set of standardized, prebuilt, building blocks. These building blocks, […]

Internet Outage: When the Lights Flickered

Last Friday, a seminal internet attack took place, affecting many well known web sites and services, including Amazon, Netflix, Box.com, and many others. This attack was important for two reasons. First, experts knew it was coming and still couldn’t stop it. Second, this attack used the so-called “Internet of Things” (ioT), which consists of internet […]

Your Personal Password Plan

A few days ago, Yahoo revealed that a suspected 2014 security breach generated enough media to give us a much-needed respite from the presidential campaign. Some simply recycled the same old password resetting advice, some boldly predicted apocalypse, and some entertained us with CYA articles from within Yahoo. Leaving behind the hyperbole, the only certainty […]

The Problem with Microsoft OneDrive

Since its inception in 2007, Microsoft OneDrive for Business, a cloud file sharing tool, has been plagued by marketing missteps. Given Microsoft’s Azure and Office 365 excellent launches into the cloud space, OneDrive’s inability to gain market share among IT departments or consultants is a head-scratcher. Compared to its main rivals Box, Dropbox, and Google […]

Blockchain: change is coming

Few people outside of the tech industry have heard of blockchain, which is the technology behind Bitcoin. Many technology experts believe that over the next decade, blockchain will revolutionize how we do business. Today, almost all business transactions, whether paying a vendor, buying an item on eBay, or trading stocks, take place through an intermediary […]