Even Presidents Need Tech Support

rtr_bernie_sanders_phone_jc_160201_12x5_1600Everyone of a certain age, or with an aging parent, knows that adapting to new technology doesn’t always come easy to our country’s seniors.  But what about to our presidential candidates? Let’s take a quick look at our front-runners, and see how they would fare juggling the demands of running the country while keeping up with technology. Enjoy! Oh, and Happy President’s Day!

Hillary: When someone says “technology” around Hillary these days, she probably winces, expecting an attack on her sketchy use of a private email server. The truth is, Hillary’s always struggled with technology. A look at some of her emails while she was Secretary of State show her, at various times, frustrated with her Blackberry and trying to figure out how LinkedIn works.  Hillary however clearly has her pulse on how technology is affecting everything from our kids to ISIS, and would easily comprehend and adapt to anything thrown her way.

Bernie: His campaign is clearly winning the social media battle, and his staff was even accused of hacking Hillarybut what about Bernie himself? In an interview, he admits he’s not a techie, but considers himself “smart enough to hire excellent people.“ Hmm, that doesn’t sound very convincing to me.
Grade: C+

The Donald: The only one in this group who’s spent most of his life in the private sector, Trump is still frighteningly behind in his use of technology. In 2007, while many of us were transitioning from emails to texts and tweets, the mega-mogul didn’t even own a personal computer or use email.  Even by 2013, when asked about his email use, he replied  “Very rarely, but I use it”.
Grade: F

Ted Cruz: Younger than Bernie by about 30 years, you’d think Ted Cruz could walk the walk when it comes to technology. Not quite. A Facebook post in November revealed his cluelessness about Net Neutrality. Still, between his youth, and the savvy use of data and social media, he’s clearly in touch with technology.
Grade: B-