Ultimately, technology is about people. We come from different places, have varied educations and unique personalities. But we have one goal, to help our clients feel good about technology.

Allison Gorman
Office Manager

My job is at Cartwheel is professional time-juggler. I studied at SFSU, and received my B.A. in Communicology. Rather than become a world-famous philosopher, I chose the far more satisfying administrative world. I love working at Cartwheel because (a Hallmark sentiment, I know) I love my co-workers. When not in the office, I may be found enjoying a German beer, playing guitar with my band or snuggling my cat.

Adrienne Melton
Scheduling Coordinator

Your friendly neighborhood dispatcher and likely your first point of contact here at Cartwheel when something breaks.  I’m Brooklyn born (Queens raised) with an English B.A from Brooklyn College.  I’ve been a telephone ESL teacher and a dispatcher at JFK airport.  My job is to keep customers happy when things go wrong and rally the forces to get things going right.  When I’m not working, I enjoy whiskey, shameless amounts of bad T.V, and good reads to balance it all out.  I’m happy to have found a home at Cartwheel surrounded by smart, resourceful people dedicated to making everyone’s tech lives a little easier!

Ben Hutchinson
Project Manager

Originally from Southern California, I studied Economics and Sociology at UCLA. Shortly after graduation, I moved to Bangkok and stayed there five years working on projects for the state telecoms and eating a lot of good food.  พูดไทยได้นะครับ Now I’m in another giant city doing my best to make IT work for people—in both senses of the word. I enjoy good TV, coffee, working with the fine people at Cartwheel and major infrastructure developments.

Brice Petruzzelli
Account Manager

My job is to keep my clients happy and help shape their view that technology is an ally and tool and not something scary that crashes Word and Outlook. I graduated from Rutgers University where I honed my knowledge of various technology-related areas as well as learning as much as I could about my true passion, History. Hailing from Southern New Jersey, I did not have to travel far to find a home at Cartwheel.

Chris Jao

Since an early age, I have been immersed in everything computers. From helping out at the family computer store, or building business servers with my uncle, I was able to strip a system down and dress her back up even before studying Electrical Engineering at Drexel University (Philly will always be “The City” in my mind). Away from work, I can be found picking stuff up and putting it down at the gym, or boarding down the slopes whenever the ground is covered in white! Cartwheel is an amazing company that allows me to gain exposure to a wide variety of technologies and expand my skill base to best assist and advise our clients.

Chris Swart

I make sure the green light comes on when you press the power button. Prior to Cartwheel, I was the IT manager for Putumayo World Music. I received a B.S. in Mathematics from Michigan State University and an M.L.S. from Queens College. I enjoy biking, record collecting, and rainy day movie binges. I love working at Cartwheel because the people are great and provide a wealth of knowledge.

Danny Gillespie

I use my soothing velvety voice to help defuse the four alarm fires people may be having with their computers, servers or equipment.  Going all the way back to computer club in 2nd grade, I was always intrigued with computers. Born and raised on Long Island, I received a BS in Information Technology from Farmingdale State.  I moved to Long Beach after college, giving me the perfect work-life balance of the city/beach life.  I live to make people laugh and maintain an extremely active lifestyle.  If you don’t hear my Barry White-like voice in the office, you can find me at the gym, snowboarding, running, serving aces at the beach, or playing hockey. I love Cartwheel because everyone I work with, both coworkers and clients alike, have an extremely friendly and relaxed demeanor.

David Geddes
Technology Director

I act as a relief valve – taking some of the pressure off us when we’re overloaded or tackling an especially thorny problem. I also work behind the scenes to keep things running smoothly. Drawing on well over a decade of varied IT experience and a B.A. in Philosophy and History of Mathematics from St. John’s College, I work to find efficient solutions to complex problems. Outside work, I always enjoy coffee and Doctor Who.

Dodge Sanchez

Born and raised in Miami-Dade county with an affinity for troubleshooting and a passion for technology, I set off for New York City in 2010 with my fiancée.  After her acceptance into graduate school in 2013, we moved to Southern California and I was hired by Playboy as a photographer/model. Just kidding, I was on their IT team.  After a ubiquitous feeling that the West Coast was a bit too chill and mellow for me combined with my fiancée’s graduation, we moved back to the frenzy of NYC. Outside of work, I love to train Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, eat at restaurants outside my budget range, and pet my two cats!  I love Cartwheel because everyone is incredibly intelligent and funny.

Edward Rosentel

I’ve been infatuated with computers for as long as I can remember. From a young age I was my friend’s go-to computer guy, building systems and figuring out what is wrong with existing ones. Upon heading to Stony Brook University, I received my B.S. in Information Technology. Outside of work, I play and write music, brew beer, and study a plethora of topics I find interesting. Cartwheel is a good fit for me because it is a catalyst for learning, allowing me to work with many different technologies, and work with a group of great people.

Josh Feder

I make sure our customers are happy and tell all of their friends about us. I am responsible for all of Cartwheel’s services, ensuring that every client, big or small, gets the best technology support possible. Prior to Cartwheel, I was the Director of Technology for Nightingale-Bamford School from 1995-2001 before
starting my own consulting business. I received a B.A. in History and an M.A. in Secondary Education from the University of Pennsylvania, but gravitated to technology consulting because I love solving problems and helping people. When not at Cartwheel, I enjoy golf, French crullers, Tuscany, good wine and food!

Josh Rabinowitz
Project Manager

My job is to make sure your computer does not get the blue screen of death. I started working in the technology field at age 16 and had no idea it would turn into this. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my friends, watching sports, eating pizza, and going to the beach. I love working at Cartwheel because I get to help all of you and every day is a new learning experience.

Matt Kibildis
Account Manager

I oversee short-term and long- term goals related to costs, security, and technology efficiency for small-medium businesses. I hold a B.S. in Computer Engineering from the University of Scranton. Outside work, I enjoy cooking, disc golf, David Lynch movies, and travel, especially to Central America and South America. I love working at Cartwheel because all of my colleagues are very smart and we share an unconventional sense of humor.

Matt Kull
Account Manager

I provide support for our clients when their printer drivers go missing. Shortly after receiving a Game Boy Color for Christmas, I dedicated myself to computers and technology. 14 years later, I graduated from Penn State with a B.S. in Information Sciences and Technology, and soon after joined Cartwheel. Some things I like outside work include Amazon Prime, binge-watching Netflix, cold pizza and visiting any wilderness cabin (with free WIFI). I love working at Cartwheel because I get to spend my workdays with awesome people and help awesome clients!

Mike Burkowsky

Technology has always been a fascination of mine. I have always been obsessed with learning how it all works.  At the Berklee College of Music, I earned my degree in Music Production and Engineering and was a go-to person for troubleshooting issues with gear. My first few years out of college were spent working in various music studios troubleshooting problems within recording sessions. I spent the last few years working at Apple as a technician. Outside of work you will find me producing and playing music or watching endless television shows. I love Cartwheel because I get to work with a great group of people and spend my time helping others.

Motti Schleider

While I have a theater background, I have been working In IT for over ten years.  I am definitely driven by problem solving.  When I’m not at Cartwheel my hobbies include gaming of all kinds, my cat Blake, cooking for my people, and learning stringed instruments.  I love working at Cartwheel because I actually enjoy my coworkers.  We are a solid team!

Head Dog

Coming to us from the backwoods of Tennessee, Otto earned his technical stripes by sniffing about the Cartwheel office. Not one to shy away from a challenge, Otto can dig through a rat’s nest of cables in a jiffy. He can also fix a mouse VERY easily. Otto is also an excellent judge of character, personally recruiting Cartwheelers by roving Craigslist. When not at work, you’ll find Otto sleeping on the couch, gnawing on a NYC chicken bone, or out in the country, chasing any four-legged creature he can find.

Rafi Kronzon

I keep Cartwheel and our clients ahead of the pack. I’m responsible for Cartwheel’s strategic direction, sales, marketing, and business development. Prior to Cartwheel, I co-founded and was co-CEO of Gotham Broadband which rolled out broadband consumer services for clients including Time Warner, Cablevision and Sprint. I also founded Identity Systems Corporation, which provided global Internet and Intranet applications for Wall Street firms. I received a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Outside work I enjoy dry martinis, very good red wine, and steak medium-rare. Preferably in that order. I love working at Cartwheel because I’ve never met a nicer group of people.

Romina Simanovskaya

Brooklyn native, art enthusiast — I love mixing the world of technology and art together. From a tender young age, I loved understanding how things work in both the technological and sociological sense. I started my career in photography and digital design while studying computer science at Brooklyn college, which has led me down this career path and to Cartwheel.  I love my job because I understand people and what they need so I’m able to help them change the world without any technological interruptions.

Ryan Dolan
Project Manager

I make sure that everything works seamlessly or at least isn’t breaking. I started working in IT as a young person who every family member turned to for help. That soon evolved into a busy career working with IT in a variety of environments, from small businesses in Chicago to an orphanage in Mexico and corporate headquarters in Manhattan. I received an International B.A. in Political Science, and had a stint teaching ESL in Brooklyn, but soon realized that work was best found in computers. Outside work I enjoy books, music, friends, family, and travel. Also, travel. I love working at Cartwheel because it’s the sanest place I’ve ever worked.

Steven Miranda

A Huntsvillian originally, I grew my wings in the Big Chicken suburb of The A. Thanks to my flock of peeps I became full-fledged and earned my B.A. in Film & Video, so I can enjoy movies less with new critical eyes. When that didn’t pan out, I looked from my nest to the sky. Having experience in video gaming (yes, it counts) I followed the wind on the flight path to computer support extraordinaire and landed in NYC. [End bird metaphors] My colleagues are great, and I, too, enjoy alcohol and food. Shout out to my peeps.