Outlook is Dead, Long Live Outlook

About 20 years ago, Microsoft Outlook was first released as a standalone program. Over the past decade, usage of Outlook as an email client has been on a steady decline. A large part of the decline is due to mobile growth, which now accounts for over 50% of emails opened, as well as the growth […]

Is Colocation Still Better?

For many years, companies big and small have chosen to collocate their servers at third party data centers. Colocation, the sharing of a data center with multiple companies and entities, made sense for a number of reasons. In addition to keeping servers in a physically secure, technology optimized building, it was cheaper than hosting them […]

On-demand can be demanding

The so-called “on-demand economy” has sprouted businesses as disrupting as Uber and as head-scratching as Dufl (“we’ll pack your suitcase for you”). Stirring unpleasant memories of the first tech bubble, some on-demand businesses are entering into a space that is almost guaranteed to fail. These are the personal in-home services.   On-demand business models rely on […]

Cut me some #Slack

Our team has been using Slack for the last month or so. Slack has been billed as everything from the “email killer” to the next coming of the Messiah. Slack is part instant messaging app, part IRC client (Internet Relay Chat), part collaboration app, part alerting tool, and part search tool.  In trying Slack, we […]

The Pain of a SQL Injection

Recently, hackers stole University of Chicago student and employee information. Every few days it seems, another report surfaces of stolen personal information. The frequency of these attacks makes you wonder how these hackers are able to get into sophisticated computer systems, and why we can’t stop them. The University database was breached using what’s known as “SQL […]